One of my first painting, June 12,1993

When I was five years old, I became inspired by three characters found on a used match cover. I felt creation in my young soul, picked up a pencil sharpened by my father with a knife so perfectly. I depicted the pirate and drew it perfectly. My father assisted me with a journey to the mailbox down Browntown Lane, across the road, Highway 17 which seemed so wide. With certainty, I placed 5 cents on the letter and lifted up the flag, as my daddy directed. Even that was intensified joy. Of course, I was one of the one selected as did so many others. But, to me at age five, You could not tell me that I was exceptionally selected. God molded me as I became the borrowed artist in Elementary School. How fascinated. And, from then on, I have been drawing, then water coloring, and finally painting with acrylic on Canvas and creating art. I am also inspired by various fabrics and designs.